Tuesday, September 25, 2007


green yellow red is his nick name that he uses in current affairs discussion forum on paltalk. He only enters this room. you never hear him discuss with ethiopians in other rooms. As most Ethiopians know current affairs room is run by shabia lobbysts and anti Ethiopia elements. In this room all efforts are done to divide Ethiopians from the beginning of the Ethiopian struggle against Woyane. Two years ago, as the struggle began to unite and organise, this room brought EPPF, an hidden agenda of Shabia. Now CUD Chair man and others who have been jailed for fighting for freedom and against oppression are insulted daily in this room. Green Yello Red comes daily and preaches all that is against the Unity of Ethiopians, in all subjects. It is obvius that he has a plan and a stratigy when and how many times he preaches and with what subject and how he starts and ends his poisonous propoganda. There is a driving force behind. Now it is revealed, Green yellow red committed crimes during the DERG regime. He killed many students and After woyane took power, escaped to Holland, where he got Asylem status. The Dutch government is not aware of his past. Ethiopians will gather information about him to be revealed later

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Enddelbu the shabia dog helps Shabia with it's foreign currency deficit

After taking over the shabia supporting room called Current Affairs room, Enddelbu, Asheber Desalign, is working with the Oromo hate room. Ethiopians who oppose OLF or shabia in the oromo hate room are registered and are banned from Current affairs room. Some Admins of Current Affairs room are OLF members or are Shabia agents. These Admins enter Oromo hate room with unknown nick names to register and ban true Ethiopians, The only one who can ban people is room owner. That is Enddelbu. He is copllecting money from Ethiopians to send to Shabia and by this help Shabia with it's foreign currency deficit. More than 250 True Ethiopians are banned from Current Affairs room. We know know the room is full of Shabia and OlF supporters to divide Ethiopia. Ethiopians be aware

Friday, April 13, 2007

VIVA MINILIK is kicked out of Current affairs room

ViVA MINILIK is kicked out of current affairs room. His biggest opponent in that room, Enddelbu said , he has taken the admin code of viva minilik and ban him from entering current affairs room. The reason is still not clear. Viva Minilik has opened his own room and is also surfing around and telling people how bad Enddelbu, gojje, embibel wegen and others are. He has accused gojje of making a maried woman pregnant. Viva Minilik told that gojje is only sedusing women in that room an trying to get money out them. As we have seen lately , Enddelbu is acting as the mouth piece of Eritrean information minister. Picture from internet, VIVA MINILIK in the middle

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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